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The Don was told to go VEGAN the other day by an activist.


The Don was approached the other day by a VEGAN protester who claimed the only way the Don could sleep at night without the thought of inflicting brutal cruelty was to go completely VEGAN. Obviously, this didn’t go down too well with the Don as VEGAN activists often make up exaggerated rubbish based on US mass farming stories.

As the Don was brought up around agriculture, he has seen first hand how well our animals in the South West of England are looked after. He said that he understands that in rare cases, you do get rogue farmers, but its absolutely nothing like what activists are making out to be like.

The UK has one of the highest animal welfare standards for farming and bringing up livestock including animals for food and milk.

He released this statement for any VEGAN protesters based in Holsworthy:

I reject any claims that a lifestyle that doesn’t match a VEGAN standard causes mass cruelty to animals. Have you actually seen some of the quality of the UK farms? They’re amazing.

I for one am fedup with VEGANS coming up to me and telling me when I go to the butchers I’m supporting animal cruelty. Its rubbish. I get that they are so high and mighty in their minds with their VEGAN lifestyle, but leave everyone else alone. If everyone wanted to turn VEGAN, they would, badgering people only makes them angry at your cause. Your almost as bad as a really irritating religion that collars people in the streets.

The Don would also like me to mention that the new requirement for Holsworthy Mafia membership is NO VEGANS. Vegetarians are welcome, they’re not irritating. 



Updated: April 25, 2018 — 8:51 am
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