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The Don thinks cyclists should have to pay Insurance and have a annual safety check.


The Don voiced his opinion this afternoon after watching some Cyclist youtube videos claiming they should pay their fair share of running costs such as Insurance and have an annual safety inspection along with license plates for easy identification. He believes a push bike road license for anyone over 16 should be mandatory and anyone caught riding on the road without this should face similar consequences as a motorist in the same situation.

102 cyclists have been killed on our roads during 2016 and the number of injuries is much higher and even if this is reduced by 1 with new regulations, it would be successful.

Insurance laws for push bikes would mean if a cyclist caused an accident or damaged a car due to bad riding, they would be able to cover the repair damage costs of the third party. It would also work the other way and would be easier for the cyclist to claim on the vehicle owners insurance too.

He thinks the Safety Inspection should cover brakes, chain and sprocket condition, gear conditions, tyres and wheel bearings. He says he has seen more baldness on tyres recently than at a Genesis concert.

He also believes LYCRA needs to be banned, effective immediately. He sometimes thinks he’s watching a questionable TV channel at the end of that freeview channel list.



Updated: April 24, 2018 — 3:48 pm
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