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man in flasher jacket seen in Holsworthy Woods handing out 1 pint jugs of milk


This just in. A strange man was spotted last night walking through Holsworthy Woods with his too dogs (dogging, definition of walking more than one dog).

During his visit to the iconic woodlands of Holsworthy, he was seen gifting passing dogging folks with 1 pint bottles of milk completely free. The strange man known as the milkman was wearing a beige long coat commonly worn by flashers all across the country. He was spotted in other places in Holsworthy including the sports pavilion opening day.

The man was said to have been driving a milk float with the following customised reg: “V0T3 T0RY”. Some say, its been a gift to have free milk handed to them, others say it goes far deeper than free milk in the woods.

All the mafia have to say to this story is we hope he was cleaning up his mess after his night time dogging.



Updated: April 21, 2018 — 10:47 am
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