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BYPASS TUNNEL for lorries who get stuck under bridge – Funded by the Holsworthy Foot Health Clinic


Holsworthy Town Council are proposing a locally built tunnel to bypass Holsworthy with a second tunnel leading directly to the industrial estate. The plan would ease congestion in the town and would be a big boom for Holsworthy industrial estate. The tunnel would have free WiFi also provided by a local business as well as being completely toll free.

Holsworthy Town Council have said the tunnel would bring a new era to the town and would allow larger traffic to flow through the town with ease preventing the streets from getting clogged with larger traffic.

The Holsworthy Town Council have said they aim to have the tunnel fully designed by a local architects by May 2018. The tunnel should be finished by 2019 with an opening day celebrating Sir Jon of Hutchings. The tunnel will be rightfully named the Back Entrance Bypass.

The Town Council have said the funding would come from taxing the Foot Spa for every post she puts on Moan & Groan saying by the end of this week alone, they’d have enough money to build 3 of these tunnels.



Updated: April 19, 2018 — 9:44 am
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