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TEMPLATE BRIDGE to be built so lorries know if they can get through.

Holsworthy Town Council have decided that a template bridge at the beginning of Fore Street is needed so lorry drivers such as Mr Drives know if they can fit under the bridge on Chapel Street.

The bridge will be made of brick and steel to replicate the bridge by the Waitrose road. Holsworthy Town Council will be funding this fully. Its estimated to cost £3.5BN quoted by a local bridge template building firm.

The cost includes building the bridge and maintaining it for 3 years. There will be lights on the bridge so lorry drivers can see it at night too. The bridge will also have speed cameras built in and a system that automatically detects boy races and drops a massive hammer on their car.


The Mafia support this fully and will veto any vetos against the bridge construction.



Updated: April 18, 2018 — 1:55 pm
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