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GENDER NEUTRAL FITTINGS to be introduced in 2019 – EU Law before BREXIT date.


The Don is pressing the EU powerhouse to remove male / female fitting descriptions from all items in the EU. Examples are male / female USB cable, male female pipe connectors and male and female audio cables.

The law is to bring the EU into the future where nothing should cause offence to anyone. Our new spokes “person” had this to say:

The Don loves the world of political correctness, he’s always been in with trends, back in the 60s, he was fighting for freedom of speech, now he’s fighting against it. He’s such a sheeple.

The Don aims to have this EU law by 2019, before our BREXIT leave date to make the law apply to UK law.

The Don gained this idea when the Loony Left Brigade had a meeting with the Mafia. They claimed that items should not be assigned genders based on their fittings as it may not match their preferred pronoun. We said that these are objects, not men or women, but apparently pipes lives matter too. The Don agreed with the LLB and has agreed to push this as law.



Updated: April 9, 2018 — 11:53 am
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