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Summer is on its way, but it got stuck in a pot hole somewhere – The Mafia Weather Team

summer in a pot hole

The weather team here at the Mafia confirmed summer IS STILL on its way, but it got stuck somewhere in an unfilled pot hole. The weather front will still make its way, but it could be delayed for another month or so leaving us with this mild weather that reminds us what depression feels like.

The summer weather front is waiting for the RAC to recover it possibly adding weeks or months to its arrival. The pot hole was said to be one of the smaller ones on the road only measuring 3ft deep and 6 ft wide.

A spokes person for the summer had this to say:

Summer is most certainly coming, but we got stuck in a pot hole and its been very damaging for us. We’re waiting for the RAC to rescue us. They’re doing better than they usually do with a 3 week wait for recovery, not bad.

Summer should be here by the end of April to middle of May where weather could warm up, providing summer doesn’t get stuck in another pot hole.



Updated: March 31, 2018 — 5:00 pm
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