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Agent 47 has HIT 100.

john wick

Holsworthy Mafia are proud to announce that founding member and resident Disposal expert, has carried out their 100th ‘Disposal’.

The Don had the following words to say :–


” Agent 47 started their training at 6 weeks old, with legendary ‘Kung Fu’ expert ‘Po’ . Under his tutelage they quickly learnt the deadly art of ‘Disposal’ and by age 4 they had completed their first mission going up against the fearsome ‘Tai Lung’. After completing their training with ‘Po’, Agent 47 then continued their studies with Mike, Ralph, Don and Len in their underground hideout. It was during this time that Agent 47 perfected the art of rubbish ‘Disposal’ . After finishing training with those four, Agent 47 was eventually introduced to me by a lovely fellow called ‘John’ though I have heard other people refer to him as mister ‘Wick’. After being introduced we quickly went on to form a strong working relationship, which I am extremely proud off and she has proved time and time again that her ‘Disposal’ skills are the best there is this side of the Tamar ”



Well we at the Holsworthy Mafia would like to raise A glass to Agent 47, and here’s to the next 100 :)




Pete ‘3 eyes’ Griffin.



PS: Anybody wishing to get in contact with Agent 47 is asked to approach Dangerous Dave or Captain Council for further information.







Updated: March 31, 2018 — 5:13 pm
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