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Thank you to our NEWEST drivers – Colombian Product Deliveries


The Don would like to thank our latest drivers in our efforts to shift our Colombian “coffee” within the area and also helped us with our “Hermes” delivery program where we are now earning pennies delivering for Hermes. We may also be delivering nuclear material for the Dons Trident program, but don’t tell anyone.

The drivers cars are described below:

  • Biccus Diccus – BMW 335i M Sport RED – Wheels change every hour or so, those dam pot holes must be getting really bad. Colour scheme seems to change more than a chameleon and more stickers than a lamp post outside a night club.


  • Woger – White Nissan Micra, obviously borrowed it from his nan, what young geezer drives a Micra?, has Japanese writing on wind screen and clearly can’t drive properly as he’s had to replace the passenger front wing.


  • Jonny Bravo – VW Polo – White wheels, not sure why they’re fitted to a Polo, listens to Justin Bieber all the time, he drives around all the time, hes our busiest courier.

29830926_10209969428666180_677922467_oThese drivers are what we call a great asset to Holsworthy and its community.

Obviously, we’ve protected their identities, but we would like to thank you very much for your absolute efforts. You’ve together shifted over £3m worth of our Colombian coffee. To you, we thank you very much.




Updated: March 31, 2018 — 9:33 am
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