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Mayor does it again… Smoking outside a public house. OUTRAGE IN THE COMMUNITY – Loony Left Brigade


The mayor of Holsworthy has done it again, the Loony Lefty Brigade have put forward their second complaint about Sir Jon of Hutchings.

The complain involves a perfectly legal and lawful cigarette outside a public house in the small quiet town of Holsworthy. He even had the cheek to use his own wall mounted ashtray instead of throwing the butt on the floor like a responsible adult.

One eye witness said he even used an uncontrolled naked flame to ignite the cigarette in the form of a “lighter” device. The use of such devices is also perfectly legal within the law of the land.

When we asked Jon for comment, he had this to say:

What? Your joking… HAHAHA

The Mafia understand that Jon is being watched because of his uncontrollable behaviour with such Youthful High Jinx.

This comes as shocking news after the last outcry that Jon used the incorrect hand to cough.



Updated: March 30, 2018 — 10:57 pm
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