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Fury as Sir Jon of Hutchings coughs incorrectly – Loony Left Brigade


There has been massive outcry in the town, the Loony Left Brigade have placed a complaint about our Sir Jon of Hutchings. He alegidly coughed incorrectly and this has caused a storm of outcry in the community.

The correct way of coughing is by placing your right hand over your mouth while coughing. He apparently used his left hand, completely out of touch with this standard procedure.

When we challenged the Loony Left Brigade, they responded:

If you’re to be a politician, you must be perfect, not a single bit of fun in your personality and no imperfections, you must be a perfect human. Jon has personality and has fun within the community of Holsworthy and this is completely unnacceptable. I’m offended.

Obviously, we just walked off when we heard that statement. Who are these idiots anyway…



Updated: March 28, 2018 — 12:42 pm
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