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RED CROSS to bring bread and milk to Holsworthy due to CO OP closure.

The Red Cross may be called to Holsworthy as the local CO-OP has had to close its doors early. Residents who have been out during this blizzard came back to their once peaceful and organised hometown to find the main store in the town has closed early. They have said they may be required to deliver bread, milk, top up vouchers and top up peoples electric keys.


Staff faced a tough call, wait it out and keep the store open, or simply close and join the panic. The second choice was the chosen one leaving the town cut off from local food supplies and electric top ups.

We spoke to a member of staff called Susan who said she wanted to remain anonymous, so we’ve changed her name to Chloe.

I was walking to work and I saw more than 4 snow flakes. Alarm bells started ringing and I had to protect myself from getting stuck in the snow.

I decided it was safer if I stayed in and watched TOWIE.


Its estimated that the local bread and milk shortage could run well into Tuesday with delivery drivers saying roads are impassable in some places in Devon.

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PS – If you see the Police, it wasn’t us.



Updated: March 18, 2018 — 8:58 pm
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