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I guess the Mafia will have to move banks… AGAIN!


It comes as a shock to the Don that NatWest has decided after June next year, the doors will close for good. And it’s not the first major bank branch to close in Holsworthy. This year, we lost Barclays and that hit hard for many of their customers in Holsworthy, the Don included who moved over to NatWest in September this year because of Barclays closing.

After contacting the director of NatWest, we got a response… Royal Mail where instructed to return our letter back to us. How RUDE!

NatWest has gone now and the question in our minds, what bank next? We are tempted to move our cash stock over to Lloyds or HSBC but both have their issues, HSBC threatened to leave the UK over a tax dispute which really annoyed us and Lloyds wont be far behind Barclays and NatWest as they followed Barclays in their 4 day a week policy.

The truth of the matter is the world we know is changing and some of us are going to be left behind while the millennial generation run so far ahead into what could be the biggest shit storm this world faces in a completely digital world.

The Mafia strongly believe in local businesses and bank branches, we’ve even decided to move our Trident Missiles into the local community to support our love for the town and with the renovation of most of the Victoria Square buildings, the town seems to be coming back to life. 2017 seen more small businesses open since a while and we welcome this as it attracts new customers to our Mafia Protection Plan.

While we like to have fun on here, there are occasions where serious issues that affect our community come first. Andrew Bayley has already promised that the banking services such as cashing in cheques and cash will be available at his Post Office in the town square.

The Mafia believe a revolution is near. The ones above us are leaving us in the dark.





Updated: December 1, 2017 — 8:10 pm
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