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Europe can F*&K off with a £45BN payout – Mafia Chancellor claimed

Brexit_ImageJust a few days ago, it was announced by the Daily Telegraph Pole that the European Union has suggested the UK should pay up to £45BN payout which equates to just over £1000 for every tax payer.

The Chancellor for the Mafia has claimed Europe can ”Shove that figure where the sun don’t shine and f*&k off”. He said we should pay our membership costs up until 2019 and then once we’ve left, we should send them a £50 Argos voucher as a good will gesture.

We are leaving the EU and this should cost us little, it should be saving the UK money and the EU should be doing what is needed to help both the EU and the UK. The UK government services has offered a close relationship with the EU after the divorce, you know, friends with benefits kind of thing which I think is a good deal for them.

Instead, the UK government seem to be bending over and letting the EU do as it wishes to us.

While the process is underway, we should be trying to sort out the grounds of trade deals with other countries. The Don believes a trade deal with Mexico and Columbia would be a great start with imports of the Dons money earning goods becoming cheaper which means customers on the streets will save money and therefore reduce crime rates.

He also believes the EU will want to trade with the UK regardless because we are one of the largest export markets with so many people driving German & French cars.

Well aren’t we in a pickle?




Updated: November 30, 2017 — 12:17 pm
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