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The COD Father has joined the Holsworthy Mafia


This week went really well for the Don, he found a new place to store his Trident Missiles, his new pet lion has arrived and most of all, the chips he ate on Monday night purchased from none other than Crisp & Dry.

The Don was greeted by polite staff, a busy but well managed environment, and waited no longer than 20 minutes for his crispy, delicious LARGE COD & Chips with curry sauce.

During the visit, it was noted the Big Notorious Cod Father was working that night creating the towns most delicious delights, the naughty Tuesday Meal, the best Fish & Chips in Devon he would go so far to say.

The Cod Father is said to be a father of many, a man who lives a normal life in the town of Holsworthy, but behind closed doors, he is the ultimate chip shop cook. No one batters fish like this man does, no one dunks those chips in the fryer with such skill, prepping those chips like a chip prepping ninja, the Cod Father is the only man who cooks chips for the Don from now on.

Since the take over of Crisp & Dry by its new owners Andrew Bayley and Leo McDonnell, the business has been booming and its attracted people as far as Bude.

We spoke to a passer by who had this to say:

We’ve never had chips like it, the Cod Father really does know his stuff. We’ve been to all kinds of seaside towns and holiday resorts and haven’t had anything like this before. Long Live the Cod Father.

We are proud to say the COD father is now a official Holsworthy Mafia team member.



Updated: November 29, 2017 — 2:34 pm
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