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CORMAC have ran out of space to store traffic lights so they’re storing them on our roads.


The temporary traffic lights on Dutson Road have caused havoc for commuters coming to and from Launceston on the A388.

The 3 way traffic lights where left by a contractor for CORMAC due to their warehouse being full and having no where to store them. This practice is common on the M1, M5 & M6 with contraflow equipment and cones. They now have the same problem with temporary traffic lights.

A spokesperson said: We simply have no room left to store these lights in our warehouse, so we’re storing them on your roads. We pay road tax on our vans, so why shouldn’t we?

The Council couldn’t argue with CORMAC as they threatened close the roads near the Cornwall Council offices and store traffic lights there too.



Updated: November 28, 2017 — 4:04 pm
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