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SECRET FILES – Bazaar Nuclear Missile Plans for the Mafia.


bazarrWe’ve done our best to hide our activities, but it may be apparent to some that super secret discrete work has been carried out in our new trident base.

Torridge last year banned the Holsworthy Well Pump from housing Trident Missiles which took us by surprise, the Don has never been late paying his council tax and yet they refused to let us store our harmless nuclear missiles. Since the rejection from the council, the Don has faced a challenge finding a place to store them.

The Bazaar turned out to be the best place. The Landlord is kindly renovating the building to look like flats and shops, but secretly, we are planning to store our nuclear missiles in the cellar of the building.

The Bazaar will need the roof / front removing and rebuilding to allow the missiles to be launched from the building in the event we go to war with the Bude Bad Boys or the Torridge Pudding crew. Once complete, the building will feature a evil bar for evil people, flats where evil people can rent and an evil strip bar called “Bazzar Boobies”.

The Don has been clear. Make no attempt to spread these secret plans. MWAHAHAHA



Updated: November 26, 2017 — 10:47 pm
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