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Christmas Lights to bring ANCIENT ALIENS TO HOLSWORTHY


Its been confirmed by the Mafia Conspiracy Department that the christmas light switch on is indeed an elaborate plan to invite aliens to Holsworthy.

The Aliens are named Alan & Derek, they come from Mars and are expected to land when the towns Christmas Lights (secret landing lights) are enabled. The music and events are setup secretly not as entertainment for us, but a welcoming show for Alan & Derek.

Alan & Derek are gender neutral and don’t identify as aliens, they identify as cupboard doors and we have been instructed to call them the Cupboard Door Species from Mars, the most progressive society in the universe.

They are going to land in the Town Square in their UniVersus X390 Space ship, made in Mars’ equivalent country to Germany.

They have promised us no violence, they just want to go to the White Hart for a party with Sir Jon of Hutchins.

The Aliens have been visiting since 3000 years ago. Its said they love Holsworthy.



Updated: November 26, 2017 — 3:50 pm
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