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CB Radio Upgrade.

After many years of requesting an upgrade to our communications department, the “Don” has finally relented and agreed to improve our current set up.

Having used the standard 40 channel CB radio’s for many years, we are excited that from now on we will be using the new and ultra fast  “Nokia 3310”.

The “Don”, being the insightful man that he is, has already booked all members of the “Holsworthy Mafia” into a NVQ level 1 technology course at Budehaven Community School, so that we might better understand these new and marvellous devices.

Being a socially conscious family, we have decided to sell our now outdated stock of CB radio’s. For anyone interested in buying one of these reliable devices, we ask that you contact our “Fence”,  Nevin “The Wasp” Glazier. He is offering great deals on multiple purchases.


We the “Holsworthy Mafia” are greatly excited to be finally taking a trip on the information super highway.




Pete ” 2 elbows ” Griffin



PS: Please note that there is no warranty with these Units, and it is highly likely that Special constable Cameron is listening in to any activity on these reliable CB radios :)



Updated: March 16, 2016 — 8:00 pm
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