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A Story about Holsworthy and the Mafia within.

The Holsworthy Mafia are a small elite group of journalists in Holsworthy who write comical stories for your enjoyment.  We are completely anonymous and are are based on multiple political backgrounds.

Our journalists are enthusiastic, love writing stories about the market town of Holsworthy and enjoy making the community laugh when things sometimes are a little rough and tough. We started this website in 2015, it went well, but really gathered its pace in late 2017 when more regular posts started appearing and our journalists started posting regular stories. 2018 was the year we hit our #HM500k goal, reaching 500 thousand views on our website, most of which happened within 2017 / 2018.

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Peter Griffoen: See Profile

About Holsworthy

Holsworthy is a small market town and civil parish in the local government district of Torridge, Devon, England. The county town of Exeter is 36.4 miles (58.6 km) to the east. The river Deer, a tributary of the river Tamar, forms the western boundary of the parish, which includes the village of Brandis Corner. According to the 2011 census the population of Holsworthy was 2,641.

The original meaning of “Holsworthy” is probably “Heald’s enclosure”. Derived from the Old English personal name “Heald” or “Healda”, plus “-worthig”, an enclosure, farm or estate. An alternative possibility is from Old English “heald” meaning incline or slope. In 1086 the name was recorded as Haldeword[1] and as Haldeurdi (Exon). Other recorded spellings are Haldwwurth 1228, Halleswrthia -worth(e) -wordi late 12th-1291, Haldeswrthy -wrthi -worth 1277–1389, Holdesworthe 1308, Healdesworthe c. 1320, Hyallesworthi 1326, Houlsworthy 1675.

Here are some accomplishments from Holsworthy and its people:

  • Holsworthy invented the word “dictionary” but it was never meant to be spelt that way.
  • Holsworthy invented the polar ice caps.
  • Holsworthy has the largest collection of miniature 3 legged goats.
  • Holsworthy once hosted the African World Cup in 2015.
  • Hot Fuzz (the movie) was based loosely around our very own Sergeant Lee Skinner, AKA Sgt Angle.

green elephant in the room

The Green Elephant in the room represents the touchy subject of the Green Flats of Holsworthy, a rough area spanning 4 properties in town.

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